How do changes affect our organism and who are the largest meteorologists?

Changes in weather are frequent these days. And as the time changes, the “state” of our organism changes. As far as possible, weather turbulence is responded by women.

The change in time is mostly the response of middle-aged women. Even 40% of them are meteorologists, but science still does not know why this is so.

It is an indisputable fact that the female organism can predict both the rain and the sun, so that anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, gum disease are often not a symptom of the disease, but a sign that a meteorological factor will change.

Although meteoropaths do not have to be chronic patients but medically healthy people, the sensitivity to weather changes is about a certain weakness of the organism or a latent disease. As our immunity is weaker, we will respond more intensively to weather, and vice versa. The healthier and stronger we will be able to adapt to climatic conditions more easily.

Choose time turbulence
A tired man is more sensitive to everything, even to changing times. That’s why healthy sleep is very important for our body. In sleep, substances that lower the level of stress hormones, regulate blood pressure, strengthen all defense mechanisms. It’s important to lie before midnight and sleep for eight hours. If you suffer from insomnia, try to solve the problem of breathing exercises, which are certainly healthier than medication.

A nonsense exercise
• Lie down, breathe in deeply and, as you breathe, count in slowly up to four.

• Decorouse slowly, counting up to eight, and loudly pronouncing the voice “h” or “s.

• Repeat this exercise until you start to tickle.

• While doing the exercise, do not let your mind wander. Concentrate on relaxation, and you will feel how your entire body relaxes.

Be active
In the long run, regular physical activity strengthens the body and helps it to withstand a variety of efforts and changes, even time. Therefore, it is important to practice continuously at least three times a week.

Go to the sauna
One kind of exercise to get the body accustomed to the constant weather changes we are exposed to is the sauna, because it is an artificial summer, similar to what it is now. It reduces tension, strengthens immunity, stimulates circulation, is beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and muscle injuries. However, to stay in the saunas was beneficial, it is understood that certain rules are respected:

• Do not enter into it either full or empty stomach.

• Dry and wipe the sauna before the sauna. You should come in dry.

• Get naked, wrapped with a towel.

• Sit or lie calmly and breathe normally.

• Stay in the Finnish sauna for 5 to 10 minutes, while in the rest you can 15.

• Before and after the sauna, pour cold water and drink a cup of tea or water.

• In the sauna enter three times, and between that you rest or swim if there are pools in the center.

Fresh air is nice
Spend some time in the fresh air every day because it is a great way to prevent intense reactions to time changes.

Walking around the park, in the sunny weather, improves mood and gives energy. However, if outside is very warm, it is not advisable to leave the house. Then stay in well-lit rooms.

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